How do you overcome a silo mentality and put the greater good ahead of individual goals?

By analysing and accounting for the team's strengths, weaknesses and areas for development, and

Durch die Analyse und die Betrachtung von Stärken, Schwächen und Entwicklungsfeldern des Teams und der zentralen Schlüsselstellen bringt Manres gezielt die innewohnenden Möglichkeiten des Unternehmens zum Tragen und vorhandene Potenziale in die Umsetzung.

Starting Point

I was firmly convinced that we needed to reinvent ourselves from the ground up in order to secure our future as the marketer of Germany’s leading, high-quality media in a rapidly changing market. Against the backdrop of these market forces and leadership structures established over decades, we were up against real strategic and cultural challenges. To me, a change in company culture was and is the decisive force. How do we overcome the silo-mentality and individual goals in favor of the greater whole? For that, we needed a common culture that found expression in our shared identity.

Manres: Their Role and Approach

Manres supported and shaped the transformation process of identity and team development within the Handelsblatt Media Group with a holistic, systematically orchestrated development process. By analyzing and considering the strengths, weaknesses and areas for development within the team, as well as the key points, Manres identified our company’s inherent opportunities and brought them to bear, tapping into our existing potentials. The result was a process in which our company culture could sustainably develop into a values-based, high-performance culture through team-building and systematic work on leadership skills and the personal development of everyone involved. It was an in-depth process involving hard, substantive work that also made a personal impact.

Identity and team development in the rapidly changing media landscape

What We Achieved

The transformation has left a tangible, visible mark: a climate of trust has now taken hold, providing us with real competitive advantages in our daily teamwork. We are a management team that has learned to actively empathize with each other’s interests and seek overarching solutions. This way, we prioritize the greater good of the Handelsblatt Media Group over the optimization of our own areas of activity. By acknowledging the emotional/psychological side, we have been more successful and efficient in pursuing and implementing our strategic challenges, enabling us to clearly stand out from our competitors. Thanks to our collaboration with Manres, we have the strength to overcome the challenges of a quickly changing environment and position ourselves as trailblazers in the publishing industry of the future.