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We are Manres

Our Philosophy

Our pioneering spirit, focus and expertise make us your trusted partner for transforming your business. With our strong background in psychology and economics, we ensure holistic company development. We support you in the areas of personality developmentleadership development and company culture.

Our work is based on a holistic view of people and focuses on a people-centric company culture. That's why our company's name, Manres, combines “man” (symbolizing humankind) with the Latin word “res” (meaning “thing” or “concern”). This reflects our mission of taking human concerns into account in the business world.

Our name is a powerful symbol for our philosophy: people are the key to any type of success, even in business.

We offer a unique approach, based on positive psychology, which integrates insights from business, philosophy and psychology into best practices. We know how to manage the inner workings of transformation processes and find the necessary steps for implementing successful change. Our team consists of around 20 holistically trained consultants, all of whom hold university degrees in human studies and/or business studies. With our holistic perspective, we offer tailor-made solutions for any situation.

People at Manres

Prof. Dr. Thomas Gutzwiller

President of the Board of Directors

Dr. Anna Gamma

Member of the Board of Directors

Peter Fankhauser

Prof. Dr. oec. HSG
CEO / Managing Partner

Peter Fankhauser

Prof. Dr. oec. HSG
CEO / Managing Partner

Maxim Egorov

Dr. Phil. TUM School of Management

Roger Goetz

Master of Science UZH in Psychology

Claudia Spiegel

Lic. Phil. I, UZH
Partner / Marketing & Communications

Sebastian Seidel-Förster

Graduate of Business Administration
Commercial Director

Michèle Fichtner

Master of Science in Occupational & Organizational Psychology, Bergische Universität Wuppertal & Trained Actor

Kristina Kiener

Master of Arts PH Zurich in Secondary Education

Susan van Schie

Dr. Sc. ETH Zurich
Associate Partner

Karin Kramer

Master of Science UZH in Psychology
Associate Partner

Rouzbeh Tavakkoli

Master of Science, University of Cologne
Master of International Management CEMS, Stockholm School of Economics
Associate Partner

Dorian Gutzwiller

Master of Science PHSG in Secondary Education

Julia Reimann

Diplom-Psychologin, Technische Universität Dresden

Benjamin Zogg

Master of Arts HSG in Management, Organisation and Culture

Ulf Steinberg

Dr. phil. TUM School of Management

Katharina von Kameke

Communications Manager BAW, Munich
Executive Assistant

Seraphina Altnickel

Master of Arts HAM in occupational and organizational psychology

Philipp Johner

Lic. Phil. I, UZH

Born March 2, 1958
Died January 15, 2021
Founder and long-time delegate of the Board of Directors of Manres AG.
We are united with his family and all his friends in mourning.


Non Executive Director SERCO plc, London, UK
former Group President and CEO Swissport International, Zurich, CH (2015-2020)
former CEO Wincanton plc, Lonon, UK (2010-2015)
former Non Executive Director John Menzies plc, London, UK (2010-2014)

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CEO Think11 GmbH and MPA Group GmbH, berlin, D
former CEO NOZ Medien, Osnabrück, D (2010-2017)
former CEO Verlagsgruppe Handelsblatt, Düsseldorf, D (2006-2009)

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CEO Bredendsohn Aktiengesellschaft, Hamburg, D 
Non Executive Director Ludwih Görz GmbH, Hamburg, D
former CMO/CDO Kids Fashion Group GmbH & Co. KG, Hamburg, D (2014-2017)
former CEO Bellybutton International GmbH, Hamburg, D (2001-2017)

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Dr. Peter F.

Non Executive Director ACHRO AG and Superlab Suisse AG, Zug/Zurich, CH
former Chairman University Zurich (UZH) Foundation
former CEO PwC Switzerland, Zurich, CH
former NED Credit Suisse Group, Zurich, CH

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CEO Swiss-American Chamber of Commerce (AMCHAM)
Chairman of Zurich Zoo Inc., Zurich, CH
former Partner and Director Boston Consulting Group, Zurich, CH (1998-2004)

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Dr. Rainer

CEO ZEIT Verlagsgruppe, Hamburg, D
former CEO Mediengruppe Main-Post, Würzburg, D (1995-1998)

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Chairman of the Board of Directors Fresh & Frozen Foods AG, Wohlen CH
Non Executive Director Porterhouse Group AG, Luzern, CH
former Non Executive Director, Vice Chairman Valora Group, Muttenz, CH (2008-2020)
former CEO Jacobs Holding, Zurich, CH 2004-2012)

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