Leadership &
Personality Development

Orientation on the inside brings structure to the outside.

Ready to bring yourself and your leadership skills to the next level? Looking to exchange ideas with like-minded people? Do you see room for development among the (future) leaders within your organization? We offer a solutions that cater to your specific needs: Executive Coaching services. Leadership and personality development from Manres turns good managers into values-based leaders, who leverage opportunities and lead with conviction.

Executive Coaching and Sparring

From good to great: When was the last time you consciously set aside time for yourself and your own development? Is there something holding you or members of your leadership team back from developing your own opportunities? As your coach and sparring partner, we guide you along your path towards individual growth, personal fulfillment and top performance.

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In the world of high-performance sports, coaches serve as a singular purpose. Their unwavering task is to get the best performance out of their athletes and enable them to fully realize their potential. An effective coach guides the process of development, focusing not only on physical aspects, but also on mental and emotional factors.

Are you ready to explore the full potential of your leadership personality? We are here to help, with our personalized, holistic coaching process.

During in-person interviews, we gain an understanding of your resources and put your habits, behavioral patterns and beliefs to the test. We take the insights gained during these sessions and translate them into a specific action plan. We then follow through to incorporate these actions into your daily routines, both at work and in your personal life.

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Present yourself more successfully- Executive Presence

Would you like to communicate more convincingly? 
Would you like to appear more confident and successful? 
Would you like to win people over for yourself and for your own goals? 

You can acquire this skill! Improve your executive presence with targeted training and professional coaching and convince people confidently in every situation. 

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The training to increase your presentation skills 

We provide tools and knowledge from psychology and communication practice. 

Together we rehearse real-life performances and how to deal with stressful situations. 

You will receive specific and constructive feedback to improve your personal performance skills. 

Our trainers 

Michèle Fichtner
Occupational psychologist, lecturer in personality & leadership development at the HSG and diploma actress 

Christof Schramm
Communication coach, presentation trainer and PR professional 

Stefan Bannwart
lic. rer. pol. MBA, communication expert and author of the book "Authentic Communication".

Train with us in a playful and practical way and strengthen your presence for personal and professional success. 

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