From individual assessments and team surveys, to company-wide culture diagnostics surveys

Effectiveness must be evaluated and monitored on every level, from individual personalities, to teams, to the culture of the organization as a whole. Manres offers proven diagnostic methods that reveal your potentials and enable you to measure effectiveness. Our Assessment Centers are a comprehensive recruitment diagnostics tool which we highly recommend when you are hiring for strategically important positions. We use selected survey and evaluation methods on the team level and throughout the organization. These offer you a solid factual basis for taking on change processes.

Assessment & Development Centers

Hiring the right candidates for demanding leadership positions is a challenge. Candidates must share your company’s mindset and values and fit within its culture. These are important factors in choosing the right candidate, but it is very difficult to accurately predict these characteristics in advance. Hiring the wrong candidate can negatively impact your business and organizational culture at every level. Our Assessment and Development Centers offer you a precise diagnostic analysis, tailored to the demanding leadership positions you want to fill. They give you clear recommendations and action-oriented tips for development.

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It is no secret that vacant or improperly filled job positions cost your organization dearly. Because of this, diagnostic processes like Assessment Centers (AC) and Development Centers (DC) have become common practice, especially for middle-management positions. For high-ranking leadership positions, however, the key to success goes beyond technical expertise and a well-trained skill set. It is just important that candidates for these positions have the right mentality and deeply rooted motivations for behavior, to ensure that they are a good choice for the job and a good match for the company’s culture.    

We have 30 years of experience as diagnostics experts. You can count on us for a systematic, highly professional process for selecting, assessing and developing leaders on all levels, even up to the C-level. Our ACs focus on hiring for a specific position, while our DCs offer an analysis of the candidate’s potential. Our approach involves a variety of tasks, as well as multiple methods and assessors. This allows us to provide you with a full report that helps in your decision-making process. We ensure the highest standard of quality and a clear recommendation for hiring or promotions. In addition, our process offers valuable feedback for the candidate, making it an opportunity for them to learn and discover important possibilities for personal growth.

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Team Diagnostics

Every race has a starting line. For any type of development, whether it is organizational, individual or within a team, it is useful to start by taking stock of the situation. This helps you to determine the direction and progress of development. We apply individual team diagnostics tools to gain a view of possibilities for improvement within the team's working relationships and dynamics. When will you be taking stock next?


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It is important for any leader to regularly take stock of themselves to become aware of their own personality traits and to know how these develop over time. When all the members of a leadership team analyze themselves in this way and share their findings with each other, it leads to a clear picture of the team’s character. It also helps optimize teamwork and team dynamics.

Proven assessment systems like Hogan, Insights or Leadership Circle help create an image of the personality traits of leaders. They provide a helpful basis for people to grow, both as individuals and as part of a team.

Ideally, these tools are applied at the beginning of a high-performance team process or coaching process. Within the team context, the results can be shared up to an agreed level of detail. This improves team members’ understanding of each other and helps identify potentials of improving teamwork. During an individual coaching session or leadership development workshop, the results are explored in greater depth, compared with other assessment processes and used as a starting point for deeper conversations.

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Cultural Diagnostics

Your company culture has far-reaching effects. It is a major influence on employee motivation, engagement, innovation and even your company’s attractiveness as an employer for high-potential individuals. Understanding your company’s culture in all of its aspects provides you with the leverage points you need to proactively shape culture. We support you in this process with our proven, comprehensive cultural diagnostics.

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You probably have a quite clear idea of where you would like for your company or team to be headed. Do you also know exactly which points you are starting from, both on the business and cultural side, and how your employees perceive your company's culture?

A comprehensive employee survey or targeted data collection (covering specific topics or departments, for example) gives you clarity and a data-driven basis for further development.

Our approach to culture diagnostics can be used in a wide range of situations and a variety of purposes. Its findings benefit your organization on many different levels. They help you discover resources or problematic situations that you may have overlooked. Our pre- and post-screenings offer you a data-driven reference point for testing the true effectiveness of cultural development measures.

Gain clarity and a shared vocabulary. Identify and work through issues that inhibit motivation. Build trust and strengthen the bonds between your employees and the organization.

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