How do you turn your company leaders into a high-performance team?

By working together to formulate a new vision, mission and values, a company's leadership sets itself on the path towards a successful future. It also takes developing and establishing a shared language, so that people can grow more closely together on the professional and human level.

Starting Point

We started from the position that Markstein wanted to continue to work successfully without compromising on quality, but also without increasing the size of its workforce. We wanted customers as well as employees to take note of us and for no one who had an interest in our products to pass us by.

Manres: Their Role and Approach

During a series of two-day events for the entire company leadership, we were introduced to models and exercises which we then used to work out psychological topics and basic attitudes and connect these with our everyday work as leaders. By working together with other members of the company leadership outside of our regular business, we formed an even stronger leadership team with a clearly trust-based team culture. Along with the rest of the company leadership, I was continually amazed and inspired by the intellectually valuable input. The useful combination of presentations, group exercises and individual coaching during the workshops constantly provided us with new challenges individually and as a group and brought us fresh insights.

Working successfully without compromising on quality or increasing the size of the workforce

What we achieved

On the one hand, there were multiple takeaways for each member of the company leadership. The input we received and the exercises we took part in inspired all of us toward further personal development. On the other hand, we all took a step forward as a team in terms of leadership, communication and focus. By developing and establishing a common language, we succeeded in getting closer to each other as a leadership team, on the professional as well as personal level. Together with Manres, we formulated a new vision, mission and values which the entire company leadership stands behind. In an additional event with the entire company, we introduced these three dimensions of our company.