Orientation for Leaders

Why There’s No Need to Reinvent Leadership


Growing volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity in the economy and society have confronted many leaders with the question of which skills they must adjust or relearn to be able to continue leading effectively in the future. The authors show you that the key to this is actually anything but learning all-new leadership concepts. On the contrary, effective leadership means narrowing in on what remains unchanged: the key mindsets and patterns of behavior inherent to all human beings.


  • Leadership as a transformation process
  • A framework for human self-concepts and patterns of behavior as a basis for effective leadership and personality growth
  • Morality as an inner compass and basis for economically sustainable leadership
  • Courage as a catalyst for change


  • Dr. Andreas Gorbach
  • Dr. Julia Dannath-Schuh
  • Franziska Cusumano


  • Publication date: 2019
  • ISBN 978-3-648-12240-2