The Legacy of Philipp Johner

Philipp Johner (02.03.1958 – 15.1.2021)

MANRES is the pioneering company for leadership in the German-speaking markets of Europe. For 30 years, we have successfully maintained our position on the C-level. We have proven the validity of our scientific, interdisciplinary approach that harnesses a company’s people potential to derive it’s increased performance.

Our best-of-psychology approach, based on a solid philosophical foundation, fosters the emancipation of latent capacities and creativity of individuals and executive teams. Through our process inclusive of Assessments, Development Centres, Coaching and Leadership Workshops, individuals and Executive teams are systematically guided to discover and develop their innate need to grow and contribute. In this manner, added value is achieved in all respects.

The overarching result is a combination of good managers within a transactional business culture who become transformed into value-based leaders capable of leveraging their opportunities to serve a higher purpose.